Welcoming a partner to the EthicInvest team!

Over the past three years, we have been mentoring and helping to certify and educate a bright young talent named Joss Biggins. Joss, at the ripe age of 22, is now fully licensed as an Investment Advisor and Responsible Investment Specialist. Joss started at EthicInvest three years ago and has worked in an assistant capacity with Tony, as well as in an operations role at Leede Jones Gable’s Vancouver Branch.

Joss will work alongside Tony in the coming years and one day inherit the practice known as EthicInvest. Along the way, it is Joss’s goal to achieve the gold standard Certified Financial Planner designation. He shares Tony’s passion for ethical investment, only with a younger and perhaps fresher perspective. Indeed, Joss’s generation is the one that will inherit not just our wealth, but the environmental messes and social discord that our modern economy has created – the dirty can that we are kicking down the road.

Most of our clients would tell us that life has treated them well over the past months, years and decades. But what does the future hold? We don’t live forever, yet few of us have a really good plan for our exit strategy, and what purpose that a lifetime of accumulated wealth will serve to our children and grandchildren. At EthicInvest we have thought about it…and we are preparing for the inevitable.

We truly believe that Joss can play a large part in communicating and seeing eye to eye with our clients, and our clients’ children, beneficiaries and loved ones, and be a tremendous asset in helping them make wise decisions in an uncertain economic future.

Please join us in welcoming Joss to the team!

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