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Tony Edwards Current Affairs


The coronavirus outbreak has put a damper on a wide range of economic activities, and stock markets are reflecting the pain. Here are a few of our thoughts, in Tony’s case, gleaned from 50 years of market watching.

  • These kinds of selloffs are actually a healthy thing for the markets, shaking out greedy speculators and setting a firmer foundation for the next leg up
  • After terrific gains last year, markets were ripe for a pullback, the coronavirus has provided the spark
  • Even after an awful week where broad markets have lost 10-15% of their value, we are back to where we were in the stock markets just last September
  • This is one of the reasons why we hold bonds and cash, which are both in positive territory this week
  • It is nigh on impossible to successfully time an exit and re-entry to the markets
  • We are looking closely at opportunities to buy stocks that have been swept up in the decline


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