Ethical Investing

No matter where your savings are held, we have a Socially Responsible Investment approach to align with your values.

Providing Our Clients Top-Tiered Ethical Investments


Available Accounts



Locked-In Retirement Accounts

CDN$ and US$ Investment Accounts

Business and Corporate Investment Accounts

Trusts, Non-profits, Charity, Estate Accounts


Investment Products

Stocks and Bonds that fit client values, including green bonds and fossil free investments

Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Venture Capital , Initial Public Offerings and Private Equity

GICs and High Interest Savings Accounts

Annuities and Guaranteed Income for life options (through Leede Insurance)



Banking Products, Mortgages and Credit Lines

Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Disability and Critical Illness Insurance

Business and Key Person Insurance

Extended Health Insurance



Mortgage vs rent calculator. It is a nice tool for comparing renting to the cost of ownership

2021 Tax and Retirement Guide is a great resource for CPP, OAS, RRIF payment information, RESP rules, and more.

We also offer cash flow and debt analysis. 


Peace of mind, trustworthiness, stability, knowledge

With over 20 years of building trust with a consistent message and a caring approach, we are confident in putting our best foot forward and always working in our client’s best interests 

At the end of the day...

Our purpose is to educate, advise, and inspire investors to contribute to a better world.

Who We Serve


Individuals and Families

Our door is always open for a conversation. However, to become a client, we require retail investors and/or family accounts over $500,000. 


High Net Worth Individuals

Your needs are complex, we take a highly customized approach and have the tools to help. Reach out to see if we are fit for you. 



Make an impact and fully utilize your profits. Ensure the business framework is sound and let us focus on the details so that you can focus on scaling your business and managing your people. 



Ensuring your investments are aligned with your mission so that your aims and actions are consistent throughout your organization.


Charitable Trusts

Leaving legacies that satisfy your soul by harmonizing your trust’s investment holdings with the causes you wish to support.

Speak With An Advisor

Need help understanding investment opportunities, how to manage your money or need guidance for the current climate?
We are educators first and we’re here to help.