When sitting with clients to discuss investment ideas, I try to zero in on long term disruptive technologies. Not fads, but mega trends. These are ideas and concepts that will be sustainable beyond our lifetimes.

No doubt by now you have heard talk of driverless cars, but perhaps you haven’t considered the incredible ramifications of this technology. So take a minute if you will to read the following report from the Financial Times, and perhaps sit through the excellent accompanying video.

Here’s a little snippet from the link below…

“Driverless cars could allow cities to cut vehicle numbers by about 90 per cent while transporting the same number of people. They will bring us enormous benefits:

  •  Driverless cars will reduce accidents by around 90 per cent, predicts Pascal Demurger, director-general of French insurer MAIF. That’s big.  The annual death toll on the world’s roads is about 1.2 million a year, or double the toll from armed conflict and homicides combined.
  • Pollution and carbon emissions will drop, because urban driverless cars will be electric.
  • The old, the disabled and teenagers will suddenly gain mobility.
  • People will save fortunes by ditching their cars…”

Financial Times Link: driverlesscarrevolution

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