Bitcoins - Cryptocurrency

Should Bitcoin be in your Investment Portfolio?

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The better question – should cryptocurrencies be a part of your investment portfolio? It may appear completely foolish to invest in a digital asset that does not exist physically and is not backed by a real commodity, government, or governing financial intermediary. Yet the price of bitcoin has surged to …

Project Drawdown

What is Project Drawdown?

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We often talk about the problems facing our world, who is instigating them and what that means for the planet. At EthicInvest, we’d like to take a more forward-thinking stance as we look into the solutions to today’s biggest quandaries. Project Drawdown is one of the leading resources for finding …

We are #1! (Brokerage Report Card)

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The Investment Executive has recently released the 2019 Brokerage Report Card (attached). We are pleased to report that our firm has been ranked #1 among our peers with an overall ranking of 9.6 out of a maximum score of 10. Of the many areas rated, we were #1 for back …

Welcoming a partner to the EthicInvest team!

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Over the past three years, we have been mentoring and helping to certify and educate a bright young talent named Joss Biggins. Joss, at the ripe age of 22, is now fully licensed as an Investment Advisor and Responsible Investment Specialist. Joss started at EthicInvest three years ago and has …

Tax time again

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Here is a terrific resource outlining tax rates, government benefits, RRIF withdrawal rates, RESP rules and much more. Available also under the “A Few Handy References” section of our website. 2019 Tax and Retirement Guide

2017 Responsible Investment Association Conference

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I was inspired recently by attending the subject conference in Vancouver, and wanted to pass this on to my clients. The conference brought together an impressive group of thought leaders from Canada the US and abroad, all focused on deploying investment capital to achieve impacts beyond solely profits. In a …

Tax Season Ahead

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Well I’m sure everyone is thrilled to be reminded that tax season is ahead, and a flurry of T3s, T4s and T5s will be sent in the mail over the next 10 weeks or so. To help you prepare, I have attached a useful summary from our Head Office at …

Driverless Car Revolution

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When sitting with clients to discuss investment ideas, I try to zero in on long term disruptive technologies. Not fads, but mega trends. These are ideas and concepts that will be sustainable beyond our lifetimes. No doubt by now you have heard talk of driverless cars, but perhaps you haven’t …