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What is ‘ESG’ Really?

The question is simple: “how can my money make the world a better place?” The answer isn't as obvious.
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How Green are Green Bonds?

The world has played fast and loose with the word “green” for many, many years now. Everyone wants to use the green label these days, but green is not black and white, and we live in a world of shades and hues. Green bonds are meant to provide financing to ...

3 Ways Millennials Can make an Impact with their Savings

The world around us is changing, whether we like it or not. When we look to make a positive impact in our world, it’s often with our time and energy. Volunteering for ocean cleanups or mentorship programs and other hands-on activities. These are meaningful activities on a micro-level, however, it ...
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The Story of Stuff – A modern classic on YouTube

This is a thought-provoking video that has been circulating around the web for a few years now. It is a simple perspective of our production and consumption patterns, and what that means to the natural systems upon which we depend. The Story of Stuff is sure to stir some heated ...
2014 Issues

Ethical Investment In Action – 2014 Issues

Institutional money managers whose mandate includes socially responsible investment considerations are targeting the following issues in 2014. How to reconcile the risk of investing in fossil fuel companies if fully exploiting those companies? reserves results in worst case global warming. How to best mitigate or eliminate the environmental risks posed ...
Ethical Investing - General Background

Community Investment Possibilities

I’ve been doing a little back of the napkin calculation I’d like to share with you. My sources at the annual Bilderberg meeting, where such matters are regularly discussed, have told me I’m pretty close to the mark. The implications are sobering. Hopefully the work being done to address the ...
Ethical Investing - General Background

Shades of Green

These are fascinating times for those of us working in the field of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). The themes surrounding SRI have been evolving for almost 50 years now – from Ralph Nader’s fight on behalf of auto safety standards in the 60’s, to faith-based campaigns to divest from South ...
Ethical Investing - General Background

More on MicroCredit

A break from stock talk this month, after all it’s the Christmas season, and thoughts turn to helping the less advantaged. By now I’m sure just about everyone has heard of KIVA (, the wildly successful organization that facilitates small loans to needy family businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the developing ...
Ethical Investing - General Background

Green Myths

Already in retreat due to the global financial meltdown, evangelical capitalists are now in a lather over a little documentary running on YouTube entitled ‘The Story of Stuff’, which takes a stab at educating young people (and old ones who haven’t been paying attention) as regards to where stuff comes ...
Ethical Investing - General Background

In Praise Of Women

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” – Gloria Steinem So call me sexist and discriminatory, but I generally like women more than men. I find their company and conversation more rich and varied, their presence more nurturing, inclusive and gracious. In fact, I’m wondering ...

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