Bitcoins - Cryptocurrency

Should Bitcoin be in your Investment Portfolio?

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The better question – should cryptocurrencies be a part of your investment portfolio? It may appear completely foolish to invest in a digital asset that does not exist physically and is not backed by a real commodity, government, or governing financial intermediary. Yet the price of bitcoin has surged to …

Green rooftop

How Green are Green Bonds?

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The world has played fast and loose with the word “green” for many, many years now. Everyone wants to use the green label these days, but green is not black and white, and we live in a world of shades and hues. Green bonds are meant to provide financing to …

Market Timing Photo by Markus Spiske

A Note on Market Timing

Tony Edwards Perspective

After watching the stock market for over 50 years, I can say with absolute conviction that it cannot be timed. If you think it’s too high it will surely go higher, and declines come swiftly and unexpectedly. An investor who stayed 100% invested in stocks for the last 20 years …

Project Drawdown

What is Project Drawdown?

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We often talk about the problems facing our world, who is instigating them and what that means for the planet. At EthicInvest, we’d like to take a more forward-thinking stance as we look into the solutions to today’s biggest quandaries. Project Drawdown is one of the leading resources for finding …

We are #1! (Brokerage Report Card)

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The Investment Executive has recently released the 2019 Brokerage Report Card (attached). We are pleased to report that our firm has been ranked #1 among our peers with an overall ranking of 9.6 out of a maximum score of 10. Of the many areas rated, we were #1 for back …

3 Ways Millennials Can make an Impact with their Savings

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Leede Jones Gable Inc. advisors may only transact business in provinces where they are registered. Follow-up and individualized responses involving either the effecting of or attempting to effect transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made to persons in provinces where the …

Welcoming a partner to the EthicInvest team!

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Over the past three years, we have been mentoring and helping to certify and educate a bright young talent named Joss Biggins. Joss, at the ripe age of 22, is now fully licensed as an Investment Advisor and Responsible Investment Specialist. Joss started at EthicInvest three years ago and has …