A little less small, a little more mighty

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

Hello everybody, Joss here checking in with you on behalf of the team. Many meaningful developments have manifested themselves in recent times and we thought it time to publish an update on the company. Indeed, we have been hard at work over the past few years, and I am proud to share that our collective efforts have led to several significant updates for both our network and our clients.

To paint some context – eight years ago, EthicInvest made the jump from Wolverton Securities to Leede Jones Gable, at which time Tony pulled me from my studies at the University of Victoria to intern for him and assist in that transition. Over the following three years I would continue to go from Intern to Assistant, to Junior Operations Clerk, all while continuing my studies at the Canadian Securities Institute before completing an extensive training program to become a licensed advisor.

Five years ago, Tony officially introduced me to all of you as his Junior Advisor. Over that time, I have gotten to know nearly each one of you. This has been an incredibly fulfilling experience both professionally and personally. Since that time, we have doubled our business and done so while being extremely mindful regarding who we work with and what we work on. I believe deeply in our work in bringing consciousness to our collective investing experience and ultimately improving business & capital allocation systems of the world. Furthermore – and I have said this many times – that if not for the quality of the clients we work for, the integrity of the firm we work with and the quality of the partner I have in Tony, I would have never chosen to make this my career so many years ago. We are now coming to the next evolution of the business, which we could not be more excited about.

We are introducing our newest team member!

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Zaina Hassn, who started with us as an Executive Assistant on June 1st, 2024. After a very strenuous hiring process that spanned roughly a year and a half, we feel beyond fortunate to have found Zaina as the newest member of the EthicInvest team and the Leede Jones Gable family. I have known Zaina for many years, and I cannot speak more highly of her kindness, intelligence, character and curiosity as a human.

About Zaina

Zaina is an accomplished professional with dual Masters degrees in Business Administration from Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC, and International Business from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Through her education and business operations work experience over the past 10 years she brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Zainaʼs origin story is nothing short of incredible, raised in Saudi Arabia in a small town by the Red Sea. Zaina made history as the first woman in her city to be a muralist painter in girls’ schools, all while teaching history and geography—a role she cherished until her relocation to Canada. Dedicated to fostering team success and assisting clients, Zaina thrives on supporting her colleagues to achieve their goals. With a global perspective and a passion for excellence, she brings strategic leadership to every endeavour. Outside of work, Zaina enjoys painting, and reading, and cherishes spending time with her young son Marcel.

Join us in welcoming Zaina to the team, we are ecstatic to have her help in elevating our clients’ experience, and overall ethical investing mission.

A different type of investment | an update on the EthicInvest Furthering Futures Endowment.

In 2021 we established the EthicInvest Furthering Futures Endowment with the help of the Vancouver Foundation and Indspire, our granting partner. Personally, we felt called to contribute in building a path towards closing the wealth gap here in Canada and providing equal opportunity access to education for Indigenous students.

Fast forward three years and we have raised over $33,000!

Thanks to Indspire, our donation of $2,500 was matched 100% by the Canadian Government. This has enabled us to gift two $2,500 bursaries to two very deserving female indigenous recipients, both pursuing an education in business! While one of the receipts would like to remain anonymous, which we very much respect, I am happy to bring you a small introduction to one of our recipients, Roxanne! Roxanne and I recently met and she has agreed to share a little bit about her story and educational goals.

About Roxanne
Roxanne is an absolutely delightful 59-year-old Cree-Metis woman embarking on a journey of a career change. Four years ago, it became clear to Roxanne that she needed to leave her profession of over 40 years in the food and beverage industry, and start a new career path. She enrolled at BCIT’s Interior Design Fundamentals program. Soon after her studies at BCIT, she discovered that her experience in office administration was a valuable and needed skill to offer potential employers. She then enrolled at Vancouver Community College, and recently graduated from their Office Administrative Assistant program. This achievement is significant considering her educational background barely reached the eighth grade. During her studies, she began to offer childcare services as a way to supplement her income. Her love of children and supporting families has brought a great deal of joy to her life. Joy that she says was absent since the passing of her daughter nine years ago.

Roxanne recently presented a project concept to Indigenous Initiatives at Vancouver Community College. The project aims to promote post-secondary and continuing studies and encourage others to further their education. In addition, Roxanne is in the process of stepping into a position with Indigenous Initiatives, where she may be supporting students. Join us in congratulating Roxanne on her continued success, we are ecstatic to have played a very small part in supporting her journey.

Roxanne hopes that by sharing her story that it will enable more funding for Indigenous students to reach their education goals.

Your Impact Investments have been making an impact!

In 2020, many of our clients made an impact investment in a renewable infrastructure green bond from RE Royalties. Since 2020, the company has been able to (with your help) enable 1,022,303 MWh of clean energy production, offsetting 429,000 t CO2eq, accomplishing a 63% revenue CAGR from 2019 to 2023, and providing a 6% annual return. The company will soon be returning capital to investors in October 2025 as we come to the end of the 5-year term.

A recent perspective, ‘it’s always a bad time to invest’?

We are always busy at work pondering the inner economic workings of investing, the psychology of money and what it all means in these wild times and unusual markets. We strive to always be Contrarian Optimists, yet we know at times it can feel a bit down and dreary. It’s a common story, so we thought we would illustrate a bit of how it all can feel at times and how you might think about navigating it.

We invite you to read our latest perspective blog post titled: It’s Always A Bad Time to Invest, which follows the story of a disgruntled animated character named Bob.

All for now!

As always, we look forward to working with you and your families for years and decades into the future as we navigate our world’s most challenging issues and most exciting opportunities.

As always, you can reach:
Joss Biggins at jbiggins@leedejonesgable.com ,
Tony Edwards at tedwards@leedejonesgable.com ,
and now Zaina Hassn at zhassn@leedejonesgable.com

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Tony, Zaina and Joss


The comments and opinions expressed herein reflect the personal views of Joss Biggins. They may differ from the opinions of Leede Jones Gable Inc. and should not be considered representative of the research beliefs, opinions, or recommendations of Leede Jones Gable Inc. View our full legal disclaimer here.

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