Day: March 3, 2011

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SRI Stock Options (Part 5)

I recently watched the 2003 documentary ‘The Corporation’ again, a film that inevitably gets me thinking about switching careers. But for now I will continue to believe that it’s better to incite change from my position inside the investment industry rather than just throwing my hands up in resignation. I ...
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SRI Stock Options (Part 4)

I’m not very comfortable with the word ‘ethical’, particularly when used beside the word ‘corporation’? A corporation is a thing, in this case a legal structure, so how can it be classified as ethical or not? So an oil company, at its essence simply an owner or tenant on land ...
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SRI Stock Options (Part 3)

Over the years, a fair number of my clients have rolled their eyes and slumped in their chairs when presented with so-called ‘ethical’ investment options. The institutions in Canada that market investments to the public…banks, credit unions, insurance companies, mutual funds…only a small fraction are vigorously responding to the Canadian ...
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SRI Stock Options (Part 2)

Take it from someone who has focused on the subject for the last decade and then some. If you want to be a ‘socially responsible’ investor these days, there is little reason to feel enthused by what the financial industry has to offer. BP, for example, has over the years ...
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SRI Stock Options (Part 1 in a Series)

The ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has brought a basic principle of SRI into clear focus. Companies that ignore environmental and social risks put their financial bottom line in peril. BP’s shares are on a downwards spiral and now worth half of their pre-spill value. The lower the ...
Ethical Investing - General Background

Shades of Green

These are fascinating times for those of us working in the field of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). The themes surrounding SRI have been evolving for almost 50 years now – from Ralph Nader’s fight on behalf of auto safety standards in the 60’s, to faith-based campaigns to divest from South ...

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