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Investing That Builds Your Portfolio – And A Bright Future

We believe in a future where money is used to sustain a planet we want to live on. Where the investors that grow their portfolios the most, are also the ones creating the most positive impact in the world.

What Is Responsible Investing?

Investing responsibly means understanding the impact that your investments have on the world and then using your wealth consciously to be an agent of change. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) uses real data to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into the management of an investment portfolio. We seek to mitigate risk further than traditional wealth managers while creating opportunities for additional growth. We believe SRI to be the natural evolution of wealth management.

What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

Investment Portfolios

We offer socially responsible, custom tailored investment portfolios over a full range of account types.
What We Do

Financial Advice

We think of ourselves as our clients' personal CFO, you’ve got questions about money and we’ve got answers.
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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Make the world more equitable.

We have thought deeply about how we can do the most good for the most people. We believe conscious capitalism is a key driver of change, we are here to harness that power.


Why We Exist

We exist to integrate environmental and social needs with investment portfolio planning. We believe that every investment portfolio can be guided to achieve financial returns with reduced risk by overlaying environmental and social considerations.

We understand this to be the best path towards achieving. sustainable long-term returns, and building a more equitable, just and sustainable world.


What We Do

We create custom-tailored socially responsible investment portfolios that align with your values. We spend our days understanding where the world is heading and how to build an equitable future while capturing as much value as possible for our clients. As Investment Advisors we have a stable of resources that can help you achieve your financial goals. 


Who We Are

We are experienced advisors who care about the impact of our investment decisions. EthicInvest has been in existence for 23 years and was founded by Anthony Edwards of Leede Jones Gable Inc., a boutique brokerage firm with approximately $2.5 billion in assets under management and offices across Canada. Anthony is an Investment Advisor who practices in the Comox Valley and elsewhere on Vancouver Island. He is joined in partnership with Joss Biggins who practices primarily out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Together they service clients in BC, Alberta, and Ontario

EthicInvest Leads The Future

Our Promise to Clients

We align our finances with our future.

In a capitalistic world – cash is king. How we spend, manage, and keep our money speaks volumes of our intentions for the world. It is a part of living in sync with our values. A few things we think are worth considering are:

  • Where you bank
  • What you invest in
  • What you purchase

We divest from the bad stuff.

The purpose of divestment is not to financially punish unethical companies, but to make them a socially unpalatable choice. We divest so that you don’t have literal ownership in the organizations that are impeding society and our planet on the path to a more livable future. But that’s not enough on its own, so…

We create impact.

By directing your capital to companies and funds that will generate products and services that lead to a better world, and run their organizations more ethically, impact investors are making a big difference by holding to their core beliefs. We can show you how.

We educate.

We work to empower our clients with their wealth, and knowledge of it. We take pride in our level of transparency & deeply care about who we work with. We keep things in plain sight for our clients to understand and digest. We meet you where you are at.

Ask An Expert

Need help understanding investment opportunities, how to manage your money or need guidance for the current climate?

Our expert advisors are educators first and we’re here to help.

We are 100% committed to Socially Responsible Investing.

Don't Take It From Us

What Our Clients Say

Joss is my trusted financial advisor who has taught me a ton about my investments including how to do things with my money that I thought were MANY more years and zeros away for me. He's just an incredible resource and I'm pretty darn grateful to have him in my corner.
Sarah P.
Tony and Joss deal in the finest of currencies - trust, respect and kindness. I am inspired by their professional integrity and expertise. Although my investment portfolio is modest, they initiate contact and attend to my concerns and questions with genuine interest and commitment to my financial security. I leave our conversations feeling happy and very grateful for them!
Liz W.
As an ethical investor, you want to know that your capital is being used to finance the development of products and services which contribute to the protection and betterment of society and our natural environment. All of us have different understandings of what we regard acceptable. At EthicInvest the team will take time with you to clarify your ethical position and then work within it. Ethical behaviour includes open and honest communication with you as a client, and EthicInvest understands this. Tony and Joss have always been available regardless of the time of day should I have a question or need clarification.
Nigel H.
Joss takes the time to connect on life, work and investments. It's a pleasure to work with someone who gets it- on many fronts.
Hilary K.
Once again I am impressed with the professionalism and commitment to very high standards. With Tony at the helm, I relax.
Wendy L.
My wife and I have been working with Tony for several years. It’s so good to have someone with similar values helping us with our investments. Tony’s very personable and helpful any time we have any questions or concerns. I’d highly recommend working both with him and Joss for your ethical investments.
Nathaniel R.
Former Client
I've been with EthicInvest a year and a half and I wish I had known about them years ago. I finally feel good about where my money is invested and the people I am working with. I feel Tony and Joss provide good guidance. Although my investment portfolio isn't very large, I always get 5-star service from them, answering my emails promptly and actually taking initiative to touch base once in a while if they haven't heard from me. I didn't get anywhere near this service with my old [name of big investment firm] account. And although no investment professional can guarantee numbers, I've been very pleased with the returns thus far. I can't say enough good things about this business.
Pablo M.

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Need help understanding investment opportunities, how to manage your money or need guidance for the current climate?
We are educators first and we’re here to help.

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