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If you are an investor who is uncomfortable with the social or environmental impact of the companies you may own in your RRSP, or mutual fund, or stock portfolio, you might like to know that there are many approaches to better aligning your savings and your values.

What was once termed ‘ethical investing’ has now evolved into ‘socially responsible investment’, ‘green investing’ and ‘impact investment’. No matter what you choose to call it, the aim is to account for more than just the financial result of a corporation’s activities. It recognizes that caring for community and environment can lay the foundation for a company’s future economic success. It’s about influencing corporate behaviour by virtue of our investment decisions, much as we do by our consumer decisions.

If you are a resident of British Columbia or Alberta, and wish to consult with me regarding your investments, I would invite you to first take a moment to review my background, perhaps familiarize yourself with current ‘ethical’ investment news and products, or you may access an archive of articles I have written to address many aspects of socially responsible investment.

I also post news of interest on Facebook, and was recently interviewed on the subject of ‘ethical investment’ by the Financial Post and Bloomberg Business News.

Whether you wish to comment, or find out more, or you know you’re ready to make a change to the way you invest, I’m easily reachable by phone or email. There is an evolution underway in the manner in which corporations conduct their business, and our investment dollars are one of the essential catalysts.

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