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Making decisions on where and how to invest one’s savings can be quite stressful. Some people are so overwhelmed by inertia that they never make a decision to act, even when troubled by holding investments in companies that their values do not support.

Recognizing this, I make the investment process a multi-stage process, taking as much time as necessary to ensure that your goals are fleshed out and clarified and that your concerns are completely addressed.

It is critical to evaluate your attitudes towards the markets and investing, to understand your personal values and ethics so that your investments are not in conflict, to establish realistic expectations for the performance and risk inherent in your personalized investment plan, and to ensure that you are aware of all the direct or indirect costs you might incur.

To achieve all of this normally entails three meetings.

  • The first is a general discussion and fact finding meeting where we get a chance to assess whether we have a mutual basis for working together to achieve your financial goals. For clients who do not live on Vancouver Island, this meeting can be held via Skype.
  • If we agree to proceed, the second meeting involves opening accounts and transferring any existing investments into those accounts. There is usually a small pile of paperwork to be completed.
  • The third meeting is where a specific investment policy is presented, and investments purchased which more closely reflect your values and view of the world.

As required, I am able to open RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, Locked-In Retirement Accounts, or Canadian and US $ Investment Accounts.

I can refer you to legal representation should you need to prepare a will or power of attorney.

I am able to tailor your portfolio with a complete range of investment options –

  • Hi Interest cash, GICs and other money market instruments
  • Bonds, bond funds and exchange-traded bond funds (ETFs)
  • Stocks, preferred shares, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Mutual Funds and ETFs
  • Venture capital and labour-sponsored funds
  • Annuities and Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit investments
  • Segregated Funds with guaranteed death benefits

I am also able to incorporate any requirement you may have for life, disability or long term care insurance.

Every step of this process involves integrating the investments recommended with your concern for the environment, and the social benefits that might accrue through your ownership of publicly-traded company shares.

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