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Transitioning away from fossil fuels

This video (courtesy of NEI Investments) briefly outlines the approach employed by the Ethical Funds management team to encourage the transition away from fossil fuels.


The solar game changer

Imagine a world fueled by cheap, clean, abundant solar energy. Deep thinkers believe that day is just around the corner. The ramifications for the stock market, and just about every corner of the economy, are immense. This is the quantum leap that the world has been awaiting. See this article by Peter Diamandis in Forbes Magazine.

World gets 22% of energy from renewable sources

Here is an interesting report from the Wall Street Journal, with some nice graphics that show who is leading the way in transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Crossroads – Peak oil or awash in it?

It is no longer news to suggest that the world stands at an energy crossroads. But the signs at this intersection can point in all manner of directions, reminding me of the scene of the Scarecrow standing by the yellow brick road and pointing the way to Oz.

How does one make sense of these disparate reports?

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers expects oil production in Canada will more than double by 2030 Continue…

Oil and Water

I was standing on a beach in Bermuda in the summer of 1976, taking a break from my on-the-job training with one of Canada’s maritime patrol air squadrons. The scene along the bay and out to the Atlantic was idyllic, the pink sand glistening at my feet.

I stood rooted in one spot for about five minutes, enjoying the feeling of the place, watching my feet sink deeper under the sand as the waves washed in and out. When I finally roused myself to move I felt something sticky, and looked down to see the soles of my feet and toes covered in a substantial layer of tar.

It took ages to get that tar off my feet, and I’ve often wondered, with Bermuda lying hundreds of miles offshore, where that oily mess might have come from. Continue…

Up the Creek With Micro-Hydro

Robert Fraser
President and CEO
Max Pacific Power Inc.

Dear Bob,

Thanks for sending me the Offering Memorandum and Subscription Agreement for your company’s proposed ‘run-of-river’ hydro projects. I’ve noticed you have some critics who are aghast at the whole idea, even the labelling of them as green or clean. So let me stick up for you here, because while I’m sure you’re happy to wear the green mantle, it was BC Hydro laying down the guidelines in their recent call for clean power proposals, wasn’t it?

So why does it seem lost on your detractors that Continue…


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