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Green Myths

Already in retreat due to the global financial meltdown, evangelical capitalists are now in a lather over a little documentary running on YouTube entitled “The Story of Stuff”, which takes a stab at educating young people (and old ones who haven’t been paying attention) as regards to where stuff comes from, how much stuff is needed to make that stuff, and where the stuff goes when we’re finished with it. Think Paul and Anne Ehrlich and their influential work on ecology, updated for the digital generation.

Attempting to understand and catalogue the full story of stuff has given rise to Continue…

In Praise Of Women

 “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” Gloria Steinem

So call me sexist and discriminatory, but I generally like women more than men. I find their company and conversation more rich and varied, their presence more nurturing, inclusive and gracious. In fact, I’m wondering if women are just plain superior to men. I recall reading somewhere that the world would be better off with fewer male genes in the pool, needing only a few good ones to sustain the species, the rest being superfluous, or even counter-productive to the healthy evolution of life on earth. Am I way off base here Dr. Suzuki?

From a business or career perspective, there should no longer be any doubt that Continue…

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

What is it about lists that so fascinates? I know I’m not alone on this, lots of people have a thing for lists. Me, I not only read them, I make them, they’re all over the place. I don’t leave home without a list. I once read a whole book of lists (it sold millions) mostly about things I didn’t even care about. It’s the top 10, or top 25, or top 100 lists that always grab my attention. I can’t resist them. So here are three lists I recently came across that at least have something to do with the responsible investment theme of this column.

The first is a report published by Ethisphere ( on the world’s “100 most ethical companies”. Continue…

Sharp Curves Ahead

With global financial markets unravelling and being reconstructed, near-unanimous recognition that many aspects of human economic activity are putting our planet in peril, and new leadership in the US pledging to support science and the environment, surely the time has finally come for the ascension of ‘green’ business.

Part of October’s US “financial bailout” bill, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, granted a wide variety of incentives for clean energy, including:

  • extension of solar tax credits until 2016;
  • extension of wind tax credits until the end of 2009;
  • extension of business tax credits for fuel cells;
  • new business and residential tax credits for geothermal heat pump systems; and
  • new tax credits for building energy efficiency, such as energy efficient lighting, efficient heating/cooling and building insulation.


Running of the Bears

In the famous annual festival called the Running of the Bulls, participants run like hell to avoid being gored and trampled to death by a herd of rampaging bulls. In the Running of the Bears, which occurs every seven or eight years but is no festival, participants run like hell to avoid being gored and trampled by a stock market turned bad.

Now if one had begun to run from this market six months ago you would be well ahead of the pack. But where to run now that the bear is in full stride? Continue…


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