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Filed under: November 2007

SRI – Contenders and Pretenders


With more and more corporations tripping over each other to promote sustainability as a core business value, I’d like to weigh in with my own unscientific and biased opinion on who’s leading this race, who’s in the pack but gaining, and who’s not in the race at all.

Ahead of the pack

  1. Interface – Global leader in reshaping the role of corporations
  2. SunOpta – Providing non-GMO soya edibles
  3. La Siembra – 5% dividend for supporting fair trade coffee and chocolate
  4. Whole Foods Markets – First to purchase renewable energy exclusively
  5. Philips – Reinventing the light bulb
  6. Toyota – If you need a car they are the current global innovator
  7. Carmanah Technolgies – Solar powered LED lighting hq’ed in Victoria
  8. Pacific Regeneration Technologies – Reforestation nurseries
  9. CN Rail – Rail trumps all for bulk transport but must improve safety
  10. Virgin – Richard Branson has best coiffure in business





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