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Filed under: October 2006

Capturing the Wind

My nephew Alex had a good laugh at my expense recently. I was showing off my new MP3 player and explaining to him how I could listen to a song on internet radio and, if I liked it, have it downloaded to my player in a matter of minutes. “Finally catching up to the new technologies are you Uncle Tony? So, are you going to get rid of those boxes of, what do you oldtimers call ‘em, record albums?

After getting up and dusting myself off from this blow to my perceived hipness, I paused to re-examine my slide behind the technological curve. Oh, there was a time when I was fairly current with tech developments, like back in the eighties when my stereo had the latest Dolby noise reduction filters to mask the scratches in my, ahem, record albums. Or even more recently, in the nineties, when I paid a month’s worth of wages for the latest laptop computer. I guess my slide behind the curve began Continue…


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