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Filed under: September 2006

All That Glitters

Recalling the acrimony that surrounded Wal-Mart’s push into our community a few years ago, I wonder how the citizens of the Comox Valley would respond if a major multinational corporation were to come up with a proposal so controversial that it would dwarf the local Wal-Mart debate by comparison. A proposal that would create thousands of highly paid new jobs and attract a slew of support businesses to the valley region. But one that would have grave concerns surrounding the environmental and social impact on our community. Can you imagine the rancour and spittle that would fly with the announcement of a major gold mining development beside the Comox Glacier? Fortunately such a proposal would not involve the actual use of slave labour, as it did under Roman, Egyptian, Indian, Phoenician and other empires of history, but the mining of gold from a site located beside the primary watershed of the Comox Valley would clearly have an extraordinary impact on life as we know it in this region.

So you can perhaps picture the controversy brewing around the Pascua Lama project, Barrick Gold’s (ABX-TSX) proposal to Continue…

The Whole Truth

I have ventured into dating again for the first time since I was a kid. I had no idea whether the rules had changed, whether there are any rules, or if there are rules, whether anyone bothers following them. Blindly wading into something that I suppose may one day result in a steady girlfriend, and after that who knows, I decided there was only one way to handle the situation.

No matter what kind of chemistry is apparent on a first date, I figure it is in both our interests to be forthright, honest and open right from the start. After all, if you are willing to consider making a long term emotional ‘investment’ in someone, isn’t it best to be telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Why would one party withhold information from another that may cause the ‘investment’ to turn sour Continue…


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