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Filed under: December 2002

Cosmetic companies and some alternatives to cruelty

There is a religion still practiced in India today known as Jainism that can, by some accounts, trace it’s roots back to 3000 BC and may be one of the oldest religions on our planet. It certainly pre-dates by many centuries the lives of Jesus Christ and Mohammed. At the core of Jainist belief is the concept of ahimsa, or non-violence towards all forms of life, whether in thought, word or deed. The most devout Jains will cover their mouths with a veil and sweep the ground before them as they walk in order to avoid harming or killing insects. Hospitals for animals are a prominent aspect of their benevolent activities. Jainism reflects a deep compassion for all facets of the living world.

While few of us in the west can imagine practicing the life of a Jain ascetic, we do seem to share a love of animals, at least those that we have managed to domesticate. Most of us would like to lock away anyone who Continue…


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