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Filed under: November 2002

Public pensions, fiduciary duty and SRI

Who do you think sets the agenda for our society? A healthy democracy should lay this responsibility at the feet of the individual citizen, but I suspect that great swaths of the population feel so far removed from the decisions governing their lives that they don’t even bother to get out and vote any more. That is truly a shame.

Is it the politicians then? Perhaps, but there is widespread suspicion that politicians are simply answering the agenda of big business. Indeed, many dynamic leaders in our society shy away from politics because they consider themselves more effective working for change from outside the political system. To enter politics would subject them to external pressures, real or perceived.

Is it big business then that is calling the shots? This is a theory very much in vogue. Big business makes a convenient scapegoat for our societal ills, and it is not difficult to construct an argument around that view. But Continue…


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