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Filed under: September 2002

Lower returns from Ethical Investing?

Does ethical investing lead to lower returns?

If you don’t mind profiting from war, shares in defense industry stocks have been rocketing ahead despite America’s current economic malaise. Get a load of these numbers. In the last year, Raytheon the missile-maker is up 25%. If you had bought shares of General Dynamics 2 ½ years ago just as the major markets were beginning to meltdown, you would have doubled your investment. But the largest gains have come to those many perhaps unwitting investors who are benefiting from the production of landmines and bullets. Alliant Techsystems is one of the leaders in the field of, well shall we say, disabling people. A $1,000 investment in Alliant four years ago would be worth about $3,500 today, pretty easy money if you generally have no problems sleeping at night. Continue…


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