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Filed under: June 2002

Food for thought…Hain Celestial and Whole Food Markets

In the last issue of The Word, I profiled an investment that most people would find appropriate for a ‘socially responsible’ portfolio. The Clean Energy Income Fund is a well-regarded income trust holding a variety of alternative energy providers. This trust currently returns an income of approximately 9% a year to investors. In future columns we can examine other clean energy investment opportunities but for now, what’s really getting my juices flowing is the subject of food.

My wife of 20 years long ago convinced me of the benefits of a more healthy and humane diet. I make a very decent tofu burger. I know at least 101 ways to make a tasty meal out of textured soy protein. When you’re in my profession, this is the stuff of which investment ideas are born. While I prefer to make my epicurean creations from scratch, time is not always on my side, so I’ve found that Yves Cuisine has a number of products that are pretty good substitutes. I also like the preparations sold under the Casbah Natural Foods label and the herbal tea concoctions from Celestial Seasonings. Guess what? All of these companies are part of Continue…


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