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Filed under: May 2002

Ethical Investing Intro and the Clean Power Income Fund

Have you ever wondered whether your RRSP might be a little bit toxic? If you have concerns that your investments may not be truly reflecting your values then this space should be of interest to you. In this column, I hope to go a little beyond the lip-service that the financial services community normally pays to ‘socially responsible’ or ‘ethical’ investing, and give you some ideas about where you might save your money and actually feel good about it.

Socially responsible investing can be a complex matter and one that means something unique to each of us. We all hold our own set of personal values. It can mean screening out companies that you find objectionable but have found a way into your RRSP or mutual fund. These may be companies with a poor human rights or environmental record, or perhaps they are involved in weapons manufacturing or sub-contracting. Or it can mean that you would like to emphasize community investments in your portfolio. Perhaps you would like Continue…


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